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I teach and support tech and media making in an independent middle school in Lexington, KY. Our high school began a laptop program in 2003. Last year after Christmas we initiated an iPad test in the middle school, which has evolved into a BYOD situation now. Nothing to read into situation. Roughly a third of the middle school students now bring iPads or apple laptops to school. Teachers unanimously support what's happening. Nobody ready to use the phone yet.

Parents, and all of us, continue to ask if their kids should have one or both devices. Can they use their

phones ? We're in good discussion here. Question: Is laptop the whole kitchen ? Do we liken (iPad 1/2) to a microwave ? Is the phone the microwave ? What are we cooking ? Are apps microwave dinners ?

Release of new tablets and iPad 3, not to mention progress in publishing, I trust, will make the conversation tastier.

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Comment by Sarah Moran on February 15, 2012 at 12:01pm

Hi Brad. I teach at a private, independent school in Louisville, KY, and our parent asso. recently approved the funds to purchase an iPad for each of our full-time teachers. We are behind you in our tech roll-out. We have seen the number of students who bring their own devices to school increase over the past year or so - esp. kids with learning differences. We aren't ready to make a proclamation about iPad vs. laptop, but personally, I see the iPad as more of the "deluxe microwave": really fast for getting the side dishes ready, not so great for making an entire meal. I am excited about the increasing availability of ebooks. I use a digital text in my AP class and while there are glitches, overall I'd give it a grade of B. I look forward to trying out Apple's authoring app.


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