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I'd like to hear from some school users or teachers as to how you view the difference between educational services delivered as an app or as web service that works on iPads.

Right now, as a vendor, we are producing both a web version and an app version of our educational services.

We have several educational services built out of Flash.  Here, for example, are 35 educational games for vocabulary, spelling, and phonics. But they are built out of Flash and don't run on the iPad.  So we have developed an iPad app which implements these games. The advantage of an app is that it can run even when the iPad is not online.  

In addition, for elementary science education, Science4Us has both an app and a website. It covers all the educational standards for 2nd grade, 1st grade science, and kindergarten science curriculum.

We're thinking of a strategy where we switch to HTML5.0 and start just having web services.  What do educators prefer an why? 

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