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Gamify Your Class with VoiceThread Mobile

The following is a post by Michelle Pacansky-Brock and originally appeared at http://facultyecommons.org/gamify-your-class-with-voicethread-mobile/


Gamification involves integrating game mechanics and design techniques into your class to boost learner engagement and provide problem-solving opportunities. How you gamify your class is a creative process, but one key method that opens new dimensions of brainstorming is locating a tool with unique characteristics, like VoiceThread Mobile.

What is VoiceThread Mobile?

VoiceThread Mobile is the app version of the original, web-based VoiceThread. VoiceThread replicates real-life conversations inside virtual environments—it enables asynchronous discussions (in voice, video, and text formats) centered around media (like images, videos, documents, and presentations).

VoiceThread Mobile is powerful because it frees learners from the boundaries of classrooms, homes, and offices. It allows learners to explore their environment, interact with people, and critically examine their communities in new ways.

Note: VoiceThread Mobile is available for iOS devices only; Android version is in development.

How do I use VoiceThread Mobile to gamify learning?

Send students on mobile learning quests—these quests require students to choose a location or find objects in their nearby environments or communities that they share with the class through VoiceThread Mobile. With their mobile devices, students’ can demonstrate to peers what they discovered and how they fulfilled the quest assignment. Students learn effectively through these quests because they create relevant ties between your curriculum and your students’ everyday lives. 

To see how other instructors are using VoiceThread Mobile, watch the VoiceThread below by clicking the play button. The first comment will provide criteria on how you can contribute your own ideas to the VoiceThread. Then you will hear ideas contributed by other educators.

To view and participate in the VoiceThread on an iPhone or iPad, click here to download the app. Then click here to continue to the VoiceThread.


To leave a comment in the VoiceThread above, click comment. Sign in or create a free account, and select your commenting preference. Leave your comment, and click Save.

Tips for Creating a Mobile Learning Quest Like Michelle’s

Create a VoiceThread using the web version or the app (either platform you use to create the VoiceThread allows students to view it). Add a comment inside the VoiceThread that provides students with clear instructions and an example of how to complete the mobile learning quest. Once you share the VoiceThread with your students, they can individually contribute using their mobile devices.

Additional Tips for Success

  • A wi-fi connection will improve the efficiency of the app, but it’s not required.
  • If relying on a network connection, keep comments brief (especially when using video) to avoid overloading bandwidth.
  • Find more help and resources at the VoiceThread Mobile Support Site.

Your Turn!

If you’ve yet to contribute to the VoiceThread above, add a comment sharing your ideas for creating a mobile learning quest (you can also participate from your iPhone or iPad via the VoiceThread mobile app).


By Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Twitter @brocansky

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