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Creating Interactive Video for Engaged Learning

      The value of video as a medium for learning is widely accepted. Let's say you need help learning how to change the hard drive on your computer. Most of us would get out a computer and Google "changing a hard drive". The search results in millions of results. The first few appear in the image below.


      If I were a betting man I'd gamble that most of you would be immediately drawn to the second result that explained how to change a hard drive via a YouTube video. Most of us have a natural preference to learn with visual media and YouTube ranks second behind only Google as the most popular destination for searches related to learning. The only "problem" with using video as a learning tool is that watching video is essentially a passive activity. And let's face it - unless tutorials include a skateboarding cat, they usually drone on and often trigger an intense bout of daydreaming and drowsiness. Given the trend towards using video tutorials and especially the increased popularity of flipped learning models, it would certainly make sense to use tools that helped maintain student focus and contemplation while watching videos. Enter a new tool called eduCanon.



      eduCanon - www.eduCanon.com - is a new online learning platform that allows you to build and deliver interactive video tutorials. It works on any device with a browser - including iPads. Sign up for a teacher account. Create a new lesson and link to any online video. The video can be a tutorial or screencast that you created or a video on YouTube, Vimeo or TeacherTube. Pause the video at any point and embed a question. Add a multiple choice question that focuses the viewer's attention and offers feedback for each of the alternative answers. Subscribe to a premium account and you can also add free response questions.  Create class groups and assign video lessons to any class. After students have watched the video, eduCanon provides statistical feedback on their performance.


      You can keep your video lessons private or share them with the eduCanon community. eduCanon also allows you to search the library of public video lessons and add any of them to your account. Once added, you can edit and amend them as needed. 

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