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Help Other Educators With Their Questions...

Summer has come to an abrupt close for most of us and we're all readying for the beginning of a new school year. With the advent of a new year, many of our network users have started posting blogs and asking for help in the forums. Your comments and advice will help a colleague in need and be appreciated by the entire community.


Here's a summary of recent activity and requests for assistance:


*** Looking for Your Help and Advice…


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WikiNodes: The Visual Navigation App for Wikipedia

WikiNodes immediately became one of my "must have" education apps from the moment I first used it. It's an iPad app that uses a visual "map" interface for searching and browsing Wikipedia. This generation of learners have a clear preference for information that is presented visually and WikiNodes provides a wonderfully unique and imaginative interface for handling and moving through Wikipedia…


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The 20 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter...and Why You Should Care!

I've been using Twitter for around a year and have found it to be an indispensable source of professional contacts and information. Although I highly recommend the use of Twitter, the point of this post is not to proselytize. Twitter is however a fantastic mechanism for measuring "the pulse" on any subject, event or person. People follow others with like minded interests…


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You Want iPads For Your School ... But Is That Enough?

Everywhere I turn schools seem to be buying iPads. Critics, even in this forum, question whether investment in a relatively new and untested technology can be justified, especially given the current economic climate. To some degree, I think their scepticism has merit.

Buying iPads for your…


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iOS 5, iCloud and Education: To what degree will iBenefit?

Apple held it’s widely anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference recently and as expected, took the opportunity to disclose the upcoming release of many new product features and services. Chief among them was the announcement of the new iOS 5 mobile operating system and a new wireless data synchronization and…


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Use Your iPad as a Second Display for Your Computer

A number of iPad apps allow you to use your device as a second monitor for your computer. One of the more popular apps is Air Display. At the time of writing Air Display was selling on the App Store for $9.95 - that's fairly…


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Web Browsers on the iPad: A Review of Your Choices

People spend about a third of their iPad usage time surfing the web (1). The default browser on the iPad is Apple's Safari browser and frankly, it doesn't match up very well with browsers we're accustomed to using on desktops. There are however some excellent and popular alternatives available. Some other web browsers for the iPad include the following apps:




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When is Creativity "Authentic"? Making Music on the iPad.

I recently came across the incredible Guitar Improvisation video below. It's an amazing piece of music that was completely created using GarageBand on the iPad. In fact, there have been quite a few popular music videos recently that feature artists creating music using iOS apps. In a second video below, the band Atomic Tom use their iPhones to perform on a New York City subway. A third video features a teenage girl creating music using GarageBand on the iPad.


Critics will…


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Using Images as a Powerful Gateway To Learning

Most of us grew up in an age where knowledge and information were primarily conveyed in textual format. Think of the encyclopedias we used. Photos were used but largely as an enhancement to articles that were text-based. Worse, the high cost of full color printing meant that the images that were used were usually in black and white.


Research has long shown however that people memorize and learn more effectively when information is presented visually and in color. Studies…


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Connect with other schools that use iPads

I've had many requests from network members that would like to connect with other schools using iPads. I've put together a short Google form to help facilitate the process of connecting schools.


SIGN UP:  If you have a 1:1 iPad program at your school, please fill out the following short form to be listed on our network of schools.

Registration form:  …


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Do iPads Have the Capacity to Change Education?

You hear it repeatedly. You can't throw technology into schools without training and support for teachers. If you purchased a truckload of iPads for your school then you better have a plan for developing teachers that are skilled in using them ... but what does it really mean to be "skilled"? If I know all about technical specifications, how to download and synchronize apps, how to configure my iPad - does that make me skilled? What constitutes effective professional development? How do we…


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Is Mobile Technology Having a Negative Impact on Social Skills?

There was a recent tongue-in-cheek article in the New York Times about the annoying habit many people have of texting when you talk to them. We're all familiar with the scene of family members or friends sitting next to each other at a table or sofa - each one interacting intensively on their own device while seemingly impervious to the fact that they are sitting right next to another person.

It has been shown that the development of social and interpersonal skills is one of the… Continue

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One Year Later: Assessing the Impact of iPads on Education

The following post is a copy of an article written for a UNESCO sponsored site on education in developing nations.

        Mobile digital devices rocketed to popularity around 10 years ago with the release of the iPod. Mobile computing went mainstream with the release of the iPhone in 2007. With the release of the iPad just one year ago,…


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The Two Faces of Social Networking

I've written in the past about the fact that one of the most underrated educational benefits of the iPad lies in it's ability to connect people. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Facetime or others, mobile devices allow us to develop "learning communities" beyond the boundaries of any physical location. In giving workshops to educators and parents, I often highlight the concept of learning community as one of the most important advances of a 21st century education.


There are…


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Can Your iPad Replace Your SmartBoard?

Whatever your philosophy regarding frontal teaching methods and the uses of Smartboards, there’s no denying two facts:

  1. Smartboards have become extremely popular tools in educational institutions
  2. Smartboards are relatively expensive and eat major portions out of our shrinking school budgets

What if you could create a parallel experience using nothing more than an iPad and a $50 piece of software? One software product with a matching iPad app claims that it…


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Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementation

Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it ... or leave it collecting dust on the shelf.

Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper…


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Are Schools Struggling to Remain Relevant in the 21st Century? Arguing the Case For Technology...

I often give workshops in schools where we discuss the changing nature of education in the 21st century. Whenever possible, I’ll try to integrate student images and stories as a way of illustrating points. The following image of a student response to a question on a test always manages to get a tremendous laugh:…


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What do Students Think of Using iPads in Class? Pilot Survey Results

It's almost a year since the iPad was first released and we have been using them in a high school pilot program since September. Our intent was to explore different ways that the iPad could be used by students and the hope was that we could also transition to using e-Books instead of paper textbooks during the course of the year.

The pilot has been a source of observational and anecdotal information. After four months I felt we should get a more precise evaluation of how students…


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Why iPads are much more than consumption devices

When the iPad was first released it was correctly hailed as the perfect device for media consumption ... so much so that it's critics and even some of it's ardent supporters felt that it was primarily a consumption device and little else.

The iPad is certainly a first rate device for consuming media but where the iPad (and tablets in general) actually excel at however is their ability to blend superior media consumption with communication and social networking. We have moved well… Continue

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Finally, an effective document creation tool for the iPad

One of the most common critiques of the iPad is that it's only a consumption device that's unsuited to daily tasks such as creating and editing documents. I have to admit that until recently, I found it difficult to disagree. While I'm not ready to proclaim that it's the equal of producing typed documents on a laptop, I've certainly been swayed significantly after trying out a new text processing app called iA Writer for the iPad.

MINIMIZING DISTRACTION: One distinguishing factor is… Continue

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