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Sam has been leading technology applications in business and education for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience and insight to any educational endeavor.

Currently working as an independent educational technology consultant, speaker and author, Sam advises schools and administrators on integration of technology into 21st century learning initiatives.

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Sam Gliksman

Tel: (310) 571-5904

Email: samgliksman@gmail.com

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"Sam Gliksman is at the forefront of IPads in the classroom movement. Whether coaching one teacher or a theater full of educational administrators, Sam's presentations model interactive pedagogical methods. Presenting 21st C educational ideas and inspiration to parents and faculty, Sam guides schools and communities to re-envision education for innovation, critical thinking and creativity."

Rachel Lewin, Head of School, Temple Israel of Hollywood


Recent Reviews from Conference Attendees

"Sam is a real pro! Practical examples and creative products. He has quite a following..."

"Very good presentation. It gave me lots of things to consider ... excellent and entertaining."

"Every District head should hear Sam Gliksman speak before they start buying iPads."

"I was really excited when I left. Great examples"

"Great anecdotes and speaker".

Author, "iPad in Education for Dummies", Wiley Press 2013



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