Apple Launches Apps for Teachers Category

In recognition of the widespread use of iPad sin schools and general education, Apple recently released a new "Apps for Teachers" category in the App Store. You'll find them listed among a wide and extensive list of categories under the "Education Collection" banner.

The Apps for Teachers include a wide variety of apps specifically targeted at educators. Having a list that assists teachers in deciding how to use iPads for education is helpful although in many cases it's hard to understand how they defined and delineated the list of apps.

The section is broken down into the following sub-categories:

The Basics: No surprises here as the first few featured apps are the iLife suite of apps from Apple. Also includes popular apps such as Explain Everything, Evernote, Dropbox and iTunes U.

Time Savers: This list is aimed at improving your organization, productivity and classroom management. Leading apps include OmniFocus, Showbie, GoodReader, Pocket and ClassDojo.

Get Inspired: It's difficult to understand how they defined what qualified to be included the list of apps that would inspire teachers but featured apps include Final Argument (presentation), PBS, ShowMe, Popplet and more. 

Class Projects: Another loosely defined category, this list includes Toontastic for creating cartoons (for teachers?), Haiku Deck for presentations, Subtext for reading collaboratively, Sparkvue for scientific measurements, Educreations and more. 

Reference: One of the main ways in which iPads are used is to access information and this list presents apps for educational research. It includes popular apps such as Wikipanion, The Elements, Star Walk, WolframAlpha and Khan Academy.

You can also browse new categories that contain apps grouped for Subject and Grade Level.  

If you spend a few minutes searching the lists in the Education Collection you're bound to come up with a few gems that will inspire you use your iPad in in new and educationally creative ways - whether you're a teacher, parent or student.

Sam Gliksman
Twitter: @samgliksman

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  • Gary Bau

    It's interesting to compare the different iTS
    Australia has completely different set of Apps, and categories..we've had a teachers section for over a year!
    Diversity is a good thing..