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Many of you are preparing for a new school year and others are in the middle of their year. There's a lot of collective experience in using iPads in class and it will be helpful to share some of our school success stories. 

What's the most successful iPad lesson you or your colleagues have delivered and what made it successful? Tell us:

- What class was it?

- What were the objectives?

- What apps or websites did you use?

- What were the activities?

- If possible, show some of the results.

Share your success story and learn from form the experiences of others. 

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I haven't created a questionnaire, but find out by talking to the teachers which skill they are working on in class; I then find apps to match that skill.  For example, in Kindergarten, they are working on forming their upper case letters, so I found a great app to practice this. (Letterschool) We also bought styluses to help with their pencil grip (appcrayons)  In 1st grade they are learning short vowels, so I found apps to practice listening to and finding short vowels.  In 3rd grade when they need to practice multiplication tables, there are apps for this. (multiples) and when they start learning 2 x 2 digit multiplication, I find apps to let them practice this skill. 

I think if you create a questionnaire you should ask them which specific skills they would like their students to practice.

We have 300+ iPads in our Junior School, all managed by the students. As the school's Director of Educational Technology I've pushed the decision about apps to the teachers and students. I may know a lot about the device and a lot about apps but I am not an elementary teacher and can't make those pedagogical decisions on their behalf. Moreover, I can't possibly keep up with the development of new apps--better to crowd source that by equipping the faculty to make those choices. That means providing a lot of professional development for faculty. I'd ask them not what or how questions, but when do they want the workshops!



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