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Dropbox is a great way to have students turn in work on the ipad. Dropbox is free or paid cloud storage. Another site that works with dropbox is dropitto.me. It creates a way to have others submit work or docs to your dropbox. I have found this very effective.

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Unfortunately one has to think carefully about uploading to dropbox or similar. Once data is uploaded to the DB cloud, it is then the intellectual property of dropbox, or similar providers.

uploading sensitive documents can be a very bad idea.

Did you set up a  Dropbox account for  your campus that all the teachers use to upload documents for students? Do you also have one Dropitto.me account for the campus for teachers to upload files for students or students can upload their files? 

Or maybe each teacher uses his/her own Dropbox account that students use to access or upload files?  If so, are students able to login to different teacher accounts in the Dropbox app?  If so, how is this managed?

I think Google Drive is better, and you don't give up your rights.

The Dropbox characteristic that I find most valuable is it's high market penetration with app developers. More apps support Dropbox than any other cloud storage service, at least to my knowledge. That is, Dropbox will be "compatible" with more apps that you already use.



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