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What has been your most effective iPad media project?

With a built in camera and microphone along with a wide selection of media editing apps, the iPad is an ideal tool for media projects in school. What media projects have you used successfully in your classes? 

  • What was the subject and grade level?
  • What were the objectives?
  • What apps did you use?

Share your popular media based projects with other community members. Describe the steps and if possible, include some student created content.

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Thanks to James Formato at Thayer Academy in MA for submitting the following media project conducted with his Physics class. 



Purpose:  To create a short movie illustrating how frames of reference apply to the observation of motion. 
Methods:  Using the app Video Physics by Vernier, please film and analyze motion in the following situations.   Collect your clips and annotated images and assemble them into a short video using iMovie.
Each pair should make clips of the  five situations listed below. Then
  •      Use Video Physics to illustrate the path of the ball in your clip; save this as a still image.  
  •      Using Notability or Skitch, annotate this still image with a label of the direction of relative motion. Use an arrow and a phrase like "camera moving this way ->" or something like that.  
  •      Include the video clip and then the annotated still image of the path of the ball in each of the five situations in your movie. 
Five situations: 
  1. Stationary camera filming a stationary student who drops a ball
  2. Stationary camera filming a student moving across the video frame who drops a ball
  3. Moving camera filming a student who is stationary and drops a ball
  4. Moving camera filming a student who is moving at the same speed as the camera and drops a ball 
  5. Ball tossed backwards at the same speed by a student moving forwards.  Ball drops straight down and is filmed by a stationary camera. 


And here's a wonderful example of one student video project...


love this example,  thanks for sharing James.  I would love to share it with the educators I work with.  May I? 

Thanks, and yes.  We start the unit by watching the PSSC video on frames of reference


Then students make their own. 

I just helped 4th grade in my school use Telegami.  They researched Bessie Coleman, Sacagawea, Rose Parks, and Kit Carson.  In groups of 4-5 they each made an individual Telegami covering a section of each persons life.  Then I took their saved projects and put them into iMovie.  They turned out fantastic.  Their were a few mistakes like talking about how they go married after the video had already mentioned their death.  Also, if they spell the words wrong then the computer will pronounce them wrong.  Also, they could not make the characters match era they were from so Sacagawea is in a sweater and pants but the information was still good!  Here is a link to Bessie Colemans.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48lA6pb-WEg

P.S. because we don't have an email account set up on school ipads, I recorded the Telegami from my personal ipad while it played off the school ipad.  



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