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Itunes account for just free apps on devices already managed by Apple Config tool

We have several carts of Ipads for the Math classrooms. They are managed by the Apple Config tool with an itunes account.

The teachers want to put free apps on and are asking to have a seperate iTunes account just for them to put free apps on.

I am new to the Apple config tool- so is this even possible, to have 2 itunes accounts on one device, especially if they are managed by the Apple Config tool?



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What you're describing is what Apple calls Layered Ownership. The school installs a base set of apps and then allows teachers to use their own accounts to install additional apps.

According to the educational tech. rep at Apple, "Under Apple Configurator, you would Supervise the device and load apps you want the institution to own, then hand the iPad over to the teacher. You could set a profile to stop deletion of apps, and this should still allow addition of new apps under the teacher's personal iTunes account"

Remember though that teachers will not be able to update any of the base apps.
Hope that helps.



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