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I am currently in the process of creating a pilot program for two special education classrooms. One classroom is a self contained MD high school class, and the other is a self contained autism class at the elementary school level. I am planning on working primarily on assessing the iPad as an assistive technology tool for language arts. We will be assessing reading comprehension and access to written text as well as written composition. The project will be three fold: 1) System feature match of accommodation modifications versus technology solutions 2) standardized testing for pre and post testing of reading comprehension and written expression using no tech and tech solutions 3) teacher and student feedback forms. In the autistic classroom we will also be evaluating the social implications of the technology and student motivation as part of a behavior management plan. I am currently attempting to compile a list of apps that may address the AT needs of special needs students related to reading and writing. Any suggestions of apps would be greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in information on any one else who is piloting apps in special education classrooms as well as to the methods they used.

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I was wondering how your iPad pilot turned out? Was the ipad documented within the IEP?


I work in the Assistive Technology Dept of a large urban school district.  We just received our iPads that we purchased for our AT device lending library.  Use of this new technology within the context of special education is quite daunting!  We are running into logistical & legal issues that are unique to SPED.  Unlike your program, our iPads will not be tied to a specific classroom which dramatically adds to these logistical and legal issues.  We have been looking around at other districts, but have found that most districts are using ipads within a self-contained classroom rather than tied to an individual student. It seems your pilot program was well planned, with clear outcome expectations and a plan for measuring specified outcomes.  We are trying to take some time to develop our policies for the program before school starts. Anyways let me know if you are running into any of these issues.




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