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I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on the value of an iPad lift type mechanism, similar to a monitor lift.  I'm envisioning this to be located in each student desk.  The instructor could push a button and the iPad lift raises from the desktop.  The student could then remove the device for use.  Then, when class is over, the iPad would be placed back into the lift device (otherwise it would not go down) and the teacher presses a button and the iPad lowers back under the desktop.  The lift would also serve as a charging device.  See monitor lifts for similar concept.

Do you think this would be a viable product in the education market or is it just overkill?  In the name of market research, please be brutally honest with your thoughts.

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Dear J,

This application is contrary to the conceptual design of the iPad. Some computer desks are equipped with lifts or mechanical closing devices. These are rather expensive to install in a computer lab, about $900.00 per desk, plus installation.

To experience the full positive impact of a tablet device, each student should have their own device to take home and be responsible for. The loss or breakage of units can be insured for about $30.00 per unit annually.

There are many pros and cons with this program. As the unit cost of tablets approches $100-$200. The savings in text purchases will far outweigh any loss or breakage of individual units.

Keep thinking though, I am constantly researching new produt ideas.

John J Caprice / Visualedtech

Seems like overkill to me. They are so small and light, it seems overkill!

Brutal honesty! 




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