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Hello fellow iPad users,

I want to create some iPad filming tables, but don't have any good photos or dimensions that work well. Does anyone have photos of the filming tables they use or dimensions that work well? (For those who don't know, this is a simple table with a hole drilled through which the iPad can film whatever is happening below the table.)

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Yes. I worked with an art teacher at one school and he created tables out of foam core. He cut 2 slim pieces for each leg (taped together with duct tape) and a large piece for the top. He made 4 square holes in the top piece for the camera to see through. They were used for animation projects and only cost a few dollars each.

I have also seen online plans for adapting those space-consuming old overhead projectors into filming stages. There's bound to be one hiding somewhere if your school is old too....



I'm not sure if this would help, but when we were filming on the table (some stop motion animation on white boards) I bought some of these shelf things at the hardware store.  They are about 15" high and have rungs.  You just line up the camera between the rungs.  Worked great!  When I was done, I used them in my classroom for storage.  I'll pull them out again next year when we do animation projects. 


Great ideas so far! Some easy and inexpensive ones I never would have thought up myself. Thanks Sam, Wes, and Patti! Going to try all of them... provided I can find an overhead projector. I think we recycled or donated the few we had left a few years ago.



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