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We will be using the Bretford PowerSync mobile carts to store sets of 30 ipads (iPad 2).  I want to get some covers to protect the ipads as they will be used by various classes.

Any recommendations for a cover that will fit into a Bretford Model H3635LL/A sync cart slot?  Also looking for a good price.  Perhaps a volume discount becase we are looking to purchase aver 200 covers.

Thanks for your help.


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     I have the Belkin Cart in my classroom.  I used Donors Choose to get the Belkin Flip Folio Stand case donated for my classroom.   They were about $16 through the Best Buy/Donors Choose portal.  They are full wrapping cases and the fit was snug but I like the safety that it provides.  

     In order to alleviate the snug fit, you can remove every other divider in the charging cart.  This allows you to store two iPads together in one slot and the fit is perfect.  I assigned numbers to each iPad and wrote it on the outside of the case with a Sharpie to keep track of the iPads.  I have attached a few pics to help illustrate my point.

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We just purchased 580 iPads for our small rural school districts K-12 students. We settled on the Gumdrop Drop Tech case. It's used by the military. We were able to get them at a 40% discount directly from the manufacturer. They came in at about $36 per cover.


We are looking to order 75, this is the offer I got:

Discount Schedule for Education
5   -   40     5% Off  - 
40 -   160  12% Off
161 - 400  18% off
401-  800   25% off
801+          35% off

Last year we invested in a class set of iPads and Bretford cart.  We selected the Nedgear case and are quite happy.

I will say that we have been rather disappointed with the Bretford cart.  On occasion the syncing has not worked as advertised.  But or biggest gripe is that there is no rear access for dealing with the wires.  This year as we rolled out into four additional classrooms we switched over to Anthro carts. Though not capable of smart synching they take up a smaller foot print and have rear access all for a savings of over 50%.

We use Datamation carts and are very happy with them. They have models that sync and charge as well as models that are charge-only. Compact footprint, very secure, adjustable and removable dividers. Great theft prevention as well. They even have a version that accomodates 32 ipads in Gripcases.

Good idea to check what fits.  The PowerSync trays are difficult sometimes (http://youtu.be/19g7fDWG6bU), and the carts have some issues (http://youtu.be/qd31kXfY8tM).  

The safest thing is to get a cart that has adjustable dividers.  We never know what shape future devices will take or the cases that will fit them best.

We have been using a Datamation sync-charge cart that services 32 iPads at a time and are very pleased with it.  Ours was about $500 less expensive than the Bretford and is top-loading, a feature we like.  It is also very secure, although most of our students take their iPads home at night.  Most of the cases that we have evaluated fit in the cart which has moveable partitions.  

here is is link of great ipad docking station and is been use in few schools also is has a very strong protective case for the kids and is eazy to use. 


email - diego@innuevo.com



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