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Hey there educators, I've been working on a classroom management app for some school districts that I'd love to share with you all.  I used to teach elementary education myself, but now I'm working hard to make sure that other educators have the best, most intuitive experience on the iPad in the classroom.




Also, I'd really like to hear what YOU would want if you could pick what your iPad could do in the classroom.  I want to add features and customize my apps to help every teacher, student, administrator and parent more productive, connected and just happier!


So, what would you want in a custom iPad app?  What do you think is missing most for educators with iPads?




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I work as a speech pathologist in an elementary school setting.  I have been on the hunt for an app (iPhone or iPad) that will allow me to enter specific goals for individual students, enter performance information, graph performance, and email the data/graph.  I would also like the capability to make anecdotal comments on a students file.  Several of my classroom teacher friends have expressed a similar interest. 


We gather information on students (reading fluency, reading scores/levels, math fluency) and would really like to have an app that will keep that information at our finger tips.


I am very interested in the photo that you have included at the top of your post.  Is that an app you have available?


Excited about Technology,


Hey Audra,


I think I can help you out with a goal setting, progress tracking, etc... app.  The one that I put the screenshot for was developed for school-district internal distribution, so it's not in the App Store yet, but I'm working on it.


Did you check out http://www.squarespectrum.com for more information?  If your school/district is interested, I can work with them to get you the app, otherwise I'll try to get it in the App Store ASAP!




Chad - thank you for the speedy response.  I have forwarded your website info to our director.  At this point, I will be looking for your app in the app store.  Please post when you get it out there.  In the meantime, I will be working with our district on narrowing down our needs!  :)

Sounds great, Audra! I'll let you know when it's ready!


Chad - I'll be looking out for it to. Please can you make sure it gets to the New Zealand App Store - we don't get everything that's available in the US:)


Great Gavin, I'll keep you posted as well, and I'll be sure to submit to New Zealand too!




I see you mentioned that the app above was made specifically for a district and not in the apps store.  Are there ways to develop and program apps (with object-C) for personal use that wouldn't require uploading to the apps store?  Does one still have to sign up to become a developer, ect. and pay the fees if you just want to make a couple of personal apps for yourself?



There are essentially 2 ways to distribute a native (Objective-C) application for use on iDevices:


  1. submit to the App Store (as we all know)
  2. ad-hoc distribution. 


In order to do ad-hoc, you need to have a paid developer's account as either an individual ($99/year, limit of 100 devices and 3 month expiration of apps), or an institution ($299/year, which allows for enterprise-wide distribution, but you cannot submit to the App Store.)


For more information, you can visit Apple's developer pages at:




So in summary, if you just want to make apps for yourself, you'll need to pluck down $99 and you're free to install and test away!


I hope that helped,


Ah cool.  So if I was making apps just for myself I can get the SDK for $99 (non-reoccuring fee) and basically run my app on my ipad as if I were "testing" it?  And if in the future I wanted to put some on apps store I could start paying the annual $99 developer's fee?  I just wanted to be sure I could run my app on the ipad as well as the simulator on my macbook without going through the hassle of the apps store.

Well, the SDK is free to download, but you can only use the simulator to test your applications.


If you want to install any apps for testing on your iPad, you will need to pay that $99 annual fee.  That fee also allows you to later submit an app to the appstore if you want.





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