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I am looking for a good story maker app for iPad to be used by Primary school (elementary school) students.  I have come across a few names but would love it if someone could recommend one based on a successful experience with the app.



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Depends on the type of story you want to create and whether you want to emphasize more writing of text, creation of media or a combination of both. I often use iMovie as it can be used for splicing together any combination of video, photos, narrated slideshows and more. It can include rigorous writing of scripts and narration and incorporate organizational skills through creation of storyboards. 

Another approach might be to look at the creation of eBooks with an app such as Book Creator. They eBook can bring together written pieces, narration and any media that has been created to support the telling of the story. As one example, I worked with one teacher to design a project about explorers for her class. They each researched the travels of an explorer and wrote a factual history. They annotated maps in Skitch to show the voyages and placed the annotated images in their books. As a third piece, they wrote creative pieces about the journey and arrival at the destination from the perspective of the explorer himself. They then used the audio tool in Book Creator to narrate the written piece and insert it into the book alongside an image of the explorer.



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