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My school is going to outfit our grade level (grade 2) with a 1:2 set of iPads, which we hope will then become 1:1 in the next year or so. I use Voicethread as an ePortfolio tool to gather so much work and reflection and feedback on the students' work.  Is there a tool that I can use on the iPad that is comparable?

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VoiceThread for iPad.

VoiceThread is now available as a free app for the iPad. It's an excellent tool for creating digital ePortfolios. The only problem I have run across so far is that you can't view and comment on video on the iPad version yet.
I only just received an iPad to research it's use as an educational tool, but I have been using Google docs with my students. Once they invite me to their document I can make notes directly in the file which they use for revising and editing purposes. There is also the ability to look back at past drafts. For essays this has been wonderful. The students have in the neighborhood of six drafts before they get to their final version, yet when it is time to grade them I have the ability to review the progression of the revision and editing process of the student. Since the documents are cloud based they can work on them at home, at school, or remotely. It also allows for group collaboration of projects. The mobile version isn't the same as the full version, but it looks to be sufficient.

I'd throw Evernote into the mix. The potential that tool has is huge for educators. Take notes, record audio, clip websites, add pdfs, sort work into folders, syncing across devices, sharing work, and so forth...



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