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Many members want students to post blogs and collaborate on wikis but it's a little more difficult to manage that whole process on iPads than it is on laptops. Do you have students blogging and/or using wikis on their iPads? Here are your core questions (please distinguish between blogs and wikis):

1. What software and/or apps are students using to create and edit the blogs or wikis?

2. Are they adding images and video and if so, how it is being done? In the case of video, where is the video being stored and how is it being moved there?

3. How are you managing the process?

4. What limitations have you encountered?


Add your comments below. Your answers are likely to help others so please include detailed information on processes and apps. 


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Thanks for trying to help me Kristen. I have now tried every combination of log in info I can conceive of and it won't link through the word press one either.
Never mind. Will leave it for now. Thanks again :)

This is my work flow:

Tap gear icon on bottom right

Service Settings


Add self-hosted Wordpress blog

For the URL step, you must look at the student's actual URL so open up their blog. For example, one of my student's looks like this:  http://kidblog.org/MrsThomsensClass/author/alexis913/  This is the address that must be entered in the URL step. 

Next, enter the student's Username. In this example it's alexis913

Now enter the student's password

Tap Add Site

Remember that you must turn on the XML-RPC  in settings in the kidblog site. Save your settings after you do this. 

Tina, I just went through this process again in the Blogsy app and it worked. Good luck!



Thanks so much Kristen,... I finally have it working now :)



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