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I have 20 ipads with an Anthro charging cart.  I am going to manage them with a windows based computer.  Has anyone had any experience with that.?  Also, I am going to go ahead  and charge and add apps with the 20 i have.  I will be getting others.  Will I be able sync more apple ipads to the same account when I get more????

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did you find a solution to your issues with the 20x iPads management ?

Yes but there is a rhythm to how you need to plug them in. Set one up with sync automatically when plugged in, back it up, then restore to all the iPads, one at a time but only to the point of the reboot then unplug it and move to the next, once finished you can plug them all in and they will install everything in the sync just like the first one. Using a mac is a little better because you can use configurator and a similar method to name and number them sequentially.

I'm going to make a full instruction on how to do this soon on my blog schoolipads.wordpress.com keep an eye out.

Hope this helps.



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